27th Okarina ethno festival Bled »
Festival Okarina, music, ethno, Bled castle, 28 July, 8:30pm


27. Okarina ethno festival Bled »
Festival Okarina, music, ethno, Bled castel, 27 July, 8:30pm

Back in time at Bled castle

CLEARING BENEATH THE CASTLE The camp bustling with bits of medieval life will be on display all week, starting on Monday, 29 May, in the afternoon hours. On Saturday and Sunday the local medieval re-enactment group with be joined by other groups from Slovenia and abroad.     »

Medieval event - Sir Lambergar's adventure

Sir Lambergar's family life is shattered by the Turks who sneak into the castle and kidnap three ladies. The Lambergar brothers gather an army, armour it with swords and shields, and they set off on a rescue operation. They find the poor women in Turkey, where they have already been introduced to the sultan. The Lambergars' army defeats the Turks and free the kidnapped ladies. They return home together. The Turks launch another attack at the castle, but the Lambergar brothers and their army are victorious once again. The Turks never come to Bled Castle again. TUESDAYS AT 17:00 »

Rennaissance show– Knights' tournament for the princess's hand in marriage

The Lord and Lady of Bled Castle decide to hold a knights tournament and invite all the knights from the neighbouring countries. The knights fight in a series of contests: archery, spear throwing, and sword fight. The prize to be awarded to the winner is tempting. The champion will win the Lord and Lady of the Castle's greatest treasure: their daughter's hand in marriage. The brave knight who has prevailed over all other contestants invites the princess to dance with him in honour of their engagement. Maybe, just for an instant, you will become this knight, or this princess? Everything is possible. TUESDAYS AT 17:00 »


The bones of the ancient Slavic girl have disappeared, but her spirit still haunts the castle. Help us find what she is looking for and you will be rewarded for your bravery. »

Medieval camp during the autumn school holidays

In the week of autumn school holidays, from Saturday 29th October to Saturday 5th November the car park at Bled castle will come alive with a Medieval Camp that will bring the hustle and bustle of medieval life. »

10th Medieval Days

Medieval market, medieval camp site, knights, castle ladies, medieval dances and performances by medieval groups from Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Czech Republic. »

Easter Egg hunt

Join us on Easter Sunday. »
Easter egg hunt, Bled castle, 27 March, 11 a.m.

New Year's Gala dinner

Join us to celebrate New Year's at Bled castle Restaurant. »

New Year's dance with the Lord of the castle

Kindly invited to join the Lord of the castle with his entourage. »
Bled castle, New Year's dance with the Lord of the castle, 24th, 26th, 31st December, 1st and 9th January, at 11am

Fairytale route to Bled castle

Fairy-tale heroes will take the children up the path leading to Bled Castle, where they will decorate a Christmas tree called the Tree of Friendship. When the tree has been decorated, the event will continue in the Knights Hall with the ballet show for children, staged by Moj klub.    The event Fairy Tale Route to Bled Castle begins on Saturday, 12 December 2015, at 14:00. At the... »
Bled castle, Fairytale route, 12 December 2015, at 2pm

Autumn holidays at Bled castle

Medieval camp and Halloween »
Bled castle, Autumn holidays, 26 October - 1 November 2015

Russian night: violin & piano

Bled Castle's Knights Hall will host a special concert. »

Baroque and Renaissance performances

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 23 June to 19 September at 5pm. »

Cristmas carols of European nations

Every year in December, Bled Castle becomes a hub of cultural activities in the area. Also this year we are organising a series of events that all generations can enjoy, including music concerts and events for children, medieval dances and painting exhibitions. »
Bled castle, Events in December, Concert of Christmas carols of European nations

Fairy Tale Route & The Tree of Friendship

Meet us above the Public Lido, walk with fairy tale characters to the castle, decorate the Tree of Friendship and see the ballet Swan Lake. »
Bled castle, Fairy Tale Route and Decorating the Tree of Frindship, 20 Dec, at 3pm

St. Martin's Wine tasting

Finally finally St Martin is here, he has blessed the wine, and left it to me. »
St. Martin's Wine tasting at Bled castle, 15 November, 2pm

24. Okarina etno festival Bled

One of the oldest ethno festivals in Europe will take place at Bled shopping centre (19.7.), Bled castle (1. - 3.8.) and Bled Spa park (6. - 9.8.). »
24. Okarina etno festival Bled, Bled shopping center, Bled castle, Bled Spa Park

Exhibition in the Tower gallery: Archeological parks of Slovenia. Uncensored.

The exhibition will be on display until the end of Septemeber. »
Bled castle, Tower Gallery, Archeological parks of Slovenia. Uncensored. September 2013

Stanley Cup at Bled Castle

Anze Kopitar, the NHL's first player from Slovenia with the Stanley Cup, at Bled Castle. »