Medieval event - Sir Lambergar's adventure

Sir Lambergar's family life is shattered by the Turks who sneak into the castle and kidnap three ladies. The Lambergar brothers gather an army, armour it with swords and shields, and they set off on a rescue operation. They find the poor women in Turkey, where they have already been introduced to the sultan. The Lambergars' army defeats the Turks and free the kidnapped ladies. They return home together. The Turks launch another attack at the castle, but the Lambergar brothers and their army are victorious once again. The Turks never come to Bled Castle again. TUESDAYS AT 17:00 »

Rennaissance show– Knights' tournament for the princess's hand in marriage

The Lord and Lady of Bled Castle decide to hold a knights tournament and invite all the knights from the neighbouring countries. The knights fight in a series of contests: archery, spear throwing, and sword fight. The prize to be awarded to the winner is tempting. The champion will win the Lord and Lady of the Castle's greatest treasure: their daughter's hand in marriage. The brave knight who has prevailed over all other contestants invites the princess to dance with him in honour of their engagement. Maybe, just for an instant, you will become this knight, or this princess? Everything is possible. TUESDAYS AT 17:00 »

Baroque and Renaissance performances

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 23 June to 19 September at 5pm. »