Tower gallery: Watercolor interlacing

Marija Franinović, Vera Banić Vukadin, Janez Ovsec

Aug 31-Sep 30, within opening hours of the castle


MARIJA FRANINOVIĆ won the first prize in a municipal art competition for one of her artworks at a young age. Six years ago, she began to pursue her artistic passion again. She has been gaining new skills and experience under the mentorship of Petar Lazarević and Zdenka Vinšek. The common denominator of her works is the precisely painted scenes marked by clarity, purity and sharpness of her artistic optics. It does not only express a binding attitude to visual reality, but also the author's own aspirations and her perfectionism as a painter. The thematic diversity of her works points out the attachment to the world of shapes and colours. She is also increasingly attracted to figural work, and has created some brilliant works of art in this complex field. Although her brushwork is prudent and disciplined, the traces she leaves behind are far from rigid. Her brushstrokes evoke the artistic vibrancy typical of the watercolour technique. Her creative discipline and sophisticated coloristic sense are particularly evident in the depictions of the observant human figure. With thoughtful tone transitions, she forms the "plastic" of the face and body or reaches volumetrism. The artist sensitively follows the external features of the person portrayed and tries to enter his or her personal space. She creates the emotional diversity of the face by the picturesque overflow of light and shadows, and pays special attention to the hands, thereby giving her chosen subject a complex image. The dialogues between light and shadow interest her in the interior illuminated by meticulously painted petroleum lamps, and at the sight of the hearth, where delicate shades play out. She actualizes the tendency of maintaining the old with the help of vedutta-like subjects. By examining the landscape, she overrides solid, skilful and prudent drawing with an interest of atmosphericity.  


VERA BANIĆ VUKADIN has been painting for ten years. Although she uses various fine art techniques, watercolour is her medium of choice. She finds her motifs in natural and urban environments, in the distinctive features of still life and among figurative characters, animals as well as humans. She directs her creative actions towards a perfect reflection of the real world. She seeks to achieve these aspirations by mastering drawing, which is the frame of her works. Vera Banić Vukadin transforms the experience of sensual charcoal strokes, which she gained from the academy-trained sculptress Meta Kastelic, into soft yet shape-inducing and determined watercolour brush work. Thanks to the years of mentoring support from Peter Lazarević and her personal dedication, Vera Banić Vukadin is able to express her visions through urban, poetic images. Realism captures the doings of the actors, be it porcini mushrooms in the basket, flowers, sheep on the pasture, Korents (carnival figures) or a dog, and is surrounded by a lively, emotionally stressed atmosphere, represented by the relaxed spills and the intercommunication of colour coatings. Interpretative communications always combine into harmonious, compositionally balanced units. Her colour scheme is wide, imitating nature, warmth, glowing, which is particularly reflected in the depictions of flowers. She is also seduced by contrasts as she delves into calm and luxurious tones. She paints a sheepdog with the quality of a portrait painter, populating the painting with zoological accuracy and detail and character traits, and for depicting a flock of sheep, she maintains persuasiveness with the fundamentality of form and does not go into details. These are carefully placed on the picturesque Kurent’s outfit, and the body in movement is felt beneath its weight. All creative acts, from those precise, verism-oriented applications to those partially opened in design, show a studious, joyful and exploratory creation.


In the course of his duties, JANEZ OVSEC realizes his interests in the broader cultural field with devotion and responsibility, and especially draws him into the world of fine arts, in which he was pleased to find himself in his elementary and high school years. He is trained and tested in various techniques, modes and approaches of visualization, but watercolor remains his parade discipline. By practicing this method, he manages to quickly and directly visualize visual experiences and transform them into records of feelings. The source of his research and enthusiasm are the exactness and freedom of the artistry, the color and design perfection of nature, or the tracking of its changes. He realizes all this in a creative way, which he leads in the course of describing and expressing, and points towards a recognizable lyrically stylized address. The author deletes the contours and allows the paint coat to spill. It creates new forms by moving them within a frame of recognition. His works are a real explosion of colorist wealth, which he discovers in the world of the external and overflows with his inner being. Relaxed and soft, they blend in with each other when, exceptionally, in the abstract posture, they gaze into the constellation and seek the glow of heat and light in the blue of the sky. With a set of temperamental values, it expresses temporal and ambient realities. Although it omits detailed descriptions, it is only with the intensity of the color stain that it can fully present the luxuriant shrubs of the Karst or hide.


Written by: Anamarija Stibilj Šajn


Contact of the artists: Janez Ovsec, M: 00386 41 365 329,






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Tower gallery: Watercolor interlacing: Marija Franinović, Vera Banić Vukadin, Janez Ovsec: Aug 31-Sep 30, within opening hours of the castle