Castle Chapel

The Gothic chapel is dedicated to the bishops St Albuin and St Ingenuin. It is east-oriented. After the second major earthquake of 1690 the chapel was increased in height and baroque vaults were added. During or shortly after the baroque remake the chapel was adorned with frescoes. The fresco on the northern wall depicts the German king Henry II and the one on the southern side his wife Kunigunde. The other chapel frescoes are also in a good state of preservation. The frescoes are made in an illusionist manner.

The consecration of the chapel of Sts. Ingenuin and Albuin took place on the 10 April 2014. The chapel was consecrated by the Bishop of Ljubljana, Andrej Glavan, and by the Bishop of Bolzano, Dr. Ivo Muser.

For 70 years the chapel has not served its purpose. The 10 April will remain in history as the day when the chapel returned to its initial intention, for worship and church wedding ceremonies.
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