Castle forge

The castle’s forge, in which various forged artifacts are presented, is located at the upper courtyard. At the forge the visitors of the castle have the chance to make their own souvenir coin on an anvil.

The forge represents the heritage of the past as a form of modern and functional art that will remain a cultural value for our descendants. Rich ore deposits at and around Bled were the reason why people began with forging and making functional artifacts out of iron. 

Fire, iron, anvil and hands create forging artifacts where a scent of the past as well as the present can be felt. The blacksmith at the castle forge comes from the fourth generation of blacksmiths from the famous Slovenian blacksmithing town Kropa, which proofs that the touch, knowledge and love for forging is still carried down from generation to generation. 



Mr. Rajko Solar

Tel.: +386 41 249 531



Castle forge