Baroque and Renaissance performances

Groom and King's sword

Every Tuesday, 23 Jun - 8 Sep, 5pm

The Groom, Baroque performance


The Lord of Bled Castle has a daughter, who is his only child. Longing for wealth and power, he makes a bargain with the baron from the nearby castle to marry his daughter to the baron's son.The two fathers sign a prenuptial agreement, by which the bride's father receives a large dowry and a noble rank. However, the groom cannot keep up with his beautiful bride. Also, he has a rival, a handsome, skilled, witty and modest boy with whom the bride-to-be is secretly in love.… Who will win the hand of the daughter of the Lord of Bled Castle?



Every Thursday, 25 Jun - 10 Sep, 5pm

The King's sword, Renaissance performance


The Royal army victoriously fought an invading army in a fierce battle. But the King, who had lost both his sons – successors to the throne – shortly after the sound of the battle horn was heard, was defeated himself under the sharp blade of the enemy’s sword. When the Knights of the Royal army returned home, they were the bearers of tragic news as they handed the King’s sword and war crown over to the Queen. The Queen was filled with grief at the news of her entire family’s death in battle, so she sent out invitations for a swordplay tournament throughout the kingdom to nearby manors and castles; a tournament, which would reward the victor with the King’s sword and the right to the throne. After the tournament, the Queen herself found shelter between the peaceful walls of a convent.