Documents to be submitted by foreigners wishing to get married in Slovenia

  • valid passports,
  • recent Extract from the Register of Births – if not submitted in international form, birth certificates must be further authenticated (apostille),
  • single status certificate – duly authenticated,
  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage – certificate by the authorities of the individual's home country that there are no impediments for the marriage to take place in the Republic of Slovenia - duly authenticated (apostille)
  • personal details of two witnesses (name, surname, date of birth and address).

As a rule, the documents submitted must not be more than 6 months old. They must be issued on the basis of international conventions or authenticated in accordance with the Act on verification of documents in international traffic.

Documents in a foreign language must be translated into Slovene by a sworn court interpreter.
Wedding ceremony must also be translated by a sworn court interpreter.

Sworn court interpreter contact details:

Cilka Demšar
Finžgarjeva 15
4260 BLED

Phone: + 386 (0) 4 57 41 563; +386 (0) 41 644 988
Fax: + 386 (0) 4 57 68 850