Legend of the castle window Poliksena

Around 1500 AD the administrator of the Bled Castle was Hartman Kreigh, who was not a kind master. Farmers complained about the encroachment on their rights and brutal oppression to the bishop and the king. One day Kreigh disappeared without a trace. There were rumours that he had been killed by robbers. For all we know, farmers may have taken the justice into their own hands, but nothing was ever proven. In short, Kreigh was never to be seen again. His wife Poliksena, who also ruled with a firm hand, squeezing the last dime from her subordinates, grieved for him deeply.

In her grief, she collected all the gold and silver she had stored in her chests. From the gold, he had a bell cast for the chapel on the Bled Island. When the boatmen were taking the bell to the island, a storm broke out, sinking the boat, the boatmen and the bell. But occasionally, the bell sunk in the mud can be heard ringing from the depths of the lake. Devastated, Poliksena left the castle and went to a convent in Rome. When the Pope heard her sad story, he had a new bell made and sent it to the island.



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