The museum located in the baroque rooms of the castle takes visitors on a journey celebrating the eventful history of Bled from the time when the first settlements in the area appeared to the present day. The furnishing of the museum interprets settlement culture over different eras.

Bird of paradise, 6th century finding

A display case at the castle proudly presents one of the most beautiful 6th century findings – a peacock-shaped brooch found at Pristava below the Bled Castle.
The peacock is known to adorn the Garden of Eden and is often referred to as “the bird of paradise”, a symbol of life and wealth. These are also the values that have been associated with Bled in the past, in the present and the values Bled is likely to embody in the future.

Bled castle, Museum, Staple in shape of peacock Bled castle, Museum, Permanent exhibition Bled castle, Museum, Permanent exhibition