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Gallery STOLP

Slovenian Giants, Travelling exhibition

Portret painters: Gaja Bumbar, Eva Kozjek Šurc, Klara Polajnar, Helena Potočnik, Martina Potočnik

Slovenian giants, Gallery STOLP, Bled castle
"It is a common belief that good films should not have sequels, so there was a lot of pressure on me in part two, but it seems that if nothing else, I at least managed to create a great comedy. The talent and beauty of Duša Počkaj had been incandescent for years, I myself am not immune to her charm. Drawing her expressive eyes was a blessing and a curse at the same time - I hope I didn’t do her injustice. Josipina and I are almost 200 years apart in time, so her genteelness and gracefulness were curious to me. After making five corrections, I was finally able to make her come to life now and I hope that her grace and elegance will be timeless. " 
Gaja Bumbar, Gimnazija Kranj student (Duša Počkaj, Josipina Turnograjska)

"I have to admit that I was under more pressure drawing part two of the Slovenian Giants, as I tried to outdo my previous works. It is because of this pressure and the experience I gained during the making of the first calendar that I think I can say that the work has fulfilled mine and hopefully your expectations as well."
Eva Kozjek Šurc, Gimnazija Kranj graduate (Simon Jenko)

"The greatness of Slovenian giants is difficult to capture in pencil, but I hope that the portraits will still reflect their brilliance. For my first portrait I chose Miki Muster whose comic heroes had a profound impact on many childhoods. The second is of Herman Potočnik, praised for his achievements in rocket engineering. The third portrait is of the poet Srečko Kosovel, who greatly enriched Slovenian literary culture with his modernist and creative poetry. "
Klara Polajnar, Gimnazija Kranj graduate (Herman Potočnik Noordung, Srečko Kosovel, Miki Muster)

"I was under no less pressure making the second part of the calendar than I was with the first, but it seems to me that the experience has helped us and last year’s upcoming success encouraged us. My first portrait this year was Angela Piskernik whose unique face was quite a challenge, but not like the portrayal of Veronika Deseniška, where I created her image anew - since my foundations were only descriptions from history books - so I hope her face radiates the serenity and beauty I tried to capture. Ivan Vurnik joined the young ladies as my third choice with his intricate bowtie."
Helena Potočnik, Gimnazija Kranj graduate (Veronika Deseniška, Angela Piskernik, Ivan Vurnik)

"Despite the experience gained while making the first one, and the unchanged instructions for the second calendar, the drawing itself was not made any easier. I was given an interesting challenge: one of my studies is supposed to reflect the persistent, proud gaze of the young Edvard Rusjan, another to show Ignacij Borštnik's swift, determined, perhaps stern expression in his mature years, and the third to illustrate the sleek, gentle face of the elderly Mr. Leon Štukelj. This time I studied three different male faces in three different periods of their lives with one feature they all have in common - they are the pride of the Slovenian nation. "
Martina Potočnik, Gimnazija Kranj graduate (Ignacij Borštnik, Leon Štukelj, Edvard Rusjan)

Please note that an entrance fee to the castle is required to be paid. The exhibition is on display in the opening hours of the castle.

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