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The scariest of all things ... Well, perhaps not, but what goes on at Bled Castle on Halloween surely is very exciting, a tiny bit scary, and most thrilling! Why? Because a tale unwinds there, a detective story that will require all your bravery, patience and inventiveness.

Hallowen at Bled Castle consists of two parts: the morning show is intended for children aged up to 8 years, and all others are invited to join us in the late afternoon. On Halloween, the entire Bled Castle becomes the setting of a spooky story connected to the history of the castle. Please help us solve it.

A day and night at the castle, so memorable that you will want to come again next year!

Visit us

To visit Bled Castle, please look us up and select your preferred type of visit. You can plan the entire visit ahead, and feel free to use the audio guide to learn more about the castle.