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STOLP Gallery,

Slovenian Giants

In the manner of old masters the year 2021 too is marked by the second dozenof Slovenian giants. The same artists as last time had the same goal and managed to, with nothing but a brown pencil, portray studies of the head, sketches that even the greatestmasters of the canvas would not be ashamed of. The images are simple and clean, but incredibly vivid and vibrant in a modest monochrome technique that allows the personality of the depicted to be revealed directly. 

Five talented high school girls from Kranj, four of whom are now first year students at the University of Ljubljana, used the corona pandemic to portray great personalities of Slovenian history, from the oldest Veronika Deseniška to the youngest Miki Muster. In one year, the images of well-known individuals, often silenced and overlooked, but neverthelessunique personalities, will come to life before us. 

Slovenian giants offer aesthetic pleasure and the same time reflect the patriotic gesture of a young creative hand which presents to us people from another time and place in an unhindered manner. They are brought to life and revived for our time and space, in which we try to understand the multilayered nature of the Slovenian essence. We aim to realize that the faces of the past also belong to our present.

Portret painters: Gaja Gumbar, Eva Kozjek Šurc, Klara Polajnar, Helena Potočnik, Martina Potočnik, under the mentorship of the professor Nataša Kne.
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