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Melita VOVK: Up close and personal

Nature bestows upon an artist its gift of art – a golden goblet filled with mystery that is there for him to share. Mystery is the fluid that flows through the heart, cleansing itself in the lake of the soul. Whoever drinks from the chalice of art shall remember that the liquid it holds strengthens not the body but the soul.

Melita Vovk in her pledge to art, written in 1936.

The title itself is a promise that we are in for a 'different' exhibition, which puts on display not only Melita's already published or exhibited illustrations and paintings but also a part of her oeuvre that was completely personal, a product of her pure artistic explorations and endeavours that was never intended for public viewing. 

The exhibition Melita Vovk: Up Close and Personal, which was curated by the artist's daughter, painter Ejti Štih, will be divided into modules and simultaneously exhibited at several venues. Selecting the works for the exhibition was not an easy task as Melita Vovk was an all-round artist who the public knew mostly for her illustrations and caricatures, production and costume designs, but there was much more to her than that.

The venues, which include Bled Castle’s Stolp (Tower) Gallery, the chapel and the hall above the museum, the Bled Congress Centre, Apropo Cafè Bled, Blaž Kumerdej Library Bled and Melita Vovk Gallery at the Bled Shopping Centre will present the works that show the artist as a portrait painter and chronicler of her personal and family life, as a painter who was involved in the artistic movements of the time, as  a graphic artist (she completed a specialization in graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana), and as a master drawer and virtuoso colourist of landscape paintings, a collage artist and an abstract painter with an immense personal and socially critical engagement. 
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