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Permanent Exhibition by the National Museum of Slovenia

The history of Blejski kot from the creation of the area to the present day is presented through eight thematic units which bring together nature, everyday life, crafts, spiritual culture and all that defines life in this important part of Slovenia.

The units have been titled:
  1. Water: creation and formation of the landscape;
  2. Landscape: natural environment and man;
  3. Fire: man shapes nature; 
  4. Caught in the circle of time;
  5. Place and its people; 
  6. Word: a transforming society; 
  7. Homo viator / The migrating Middle Ages and
  8. Bled - mundane tourist resort.

Please note that an entrance fee to the castle is required to be paid.

Visit us

To visit Bled Castle, please look us up and select your preferred type of visit. You can plan the entire visit ahead, and feel free to use the audio guide to learn more about the castle.