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Bled castle, castle park,

14th Medieval days

Bled Castle, governed by count Lambergar, is a lovely place, bustling with guests and cheerful atmosphere. The count likes to host other noblemen and knights from near and far. At the time of these visits, the castle opens its door to charming ladies and brave knights, organizes dances and sword fight demonstrations, and listens to the jokes and laughter of jesters.

Local group of knight Gašper Lambergar is inviting Cultural society Lonca, Cesarsko-kraljevi Ptuj society, touristic society Suha Krajina (Žužemberk), Medieval group Galiarda, knights of St. George from Višegrad (Hungary), and Montecassiano flag wavers and drummers

Between 31 May and 3 June, Slovenian groups will be a guests of Count Lambergar, there will also be an afternoon performance on the upper terrace of the castle.

Groups from Visegrad, Hungary and Lanciano, Italy, will be guests of the Count over the weekend (June 4-5). Together with the local medieval group of the knight Gašper Lambergar, they will perform several times in a day, each time on the upper terrace. Local artisans and craftsmen will present their offer on the lower terrace.

In the park below the castle, Lambergar's army will also set up camp (May 31-June 5), where it will be especially lively during the week.
Please note that an entrance fee to the castle is required to be paid.

Visit us

To visit Bled Castle, please look us up and select your preferred type of visit. You can plan the entire visit ahead, and feel free to use the audio guide to learn more about the castle.