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Gallery STOLP,

Anton Michael Bader: Colorscapes - from Iceland to Slovenia

In April and May, Gallery STOLP will host a Bavarian academic painter who has been living and working in Ljubljana since 2018.

The “Colorscapes” are inspired by remarkable natural phenomena, like those which can be experienced in the Alps or on Iceland. A fierce storm, the coldness of a glacier or the red-hot ground of a volcanic fissure can provide the impulse for an artistic process. However, a work might also begin with intuitively applied colors and structures.

Through the choice of color and the nearly complete renunciation of perspective, the picture becomes an expressive and two-dimensional “colorscape.”
Natural processes are also integrated: The freshly applied color is exposed to rain or snow, the paint freezes and displays new textures in the process of thawing. Natural materials like ash become a pigment in the Iceland series, for example.

Since 2018, the majority of works have been created in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. The world of the Karavankas, the Julian Alps and the Slovenian karst with their rugged and splintered rock formations inspire non-objective compositions.

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