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STOLP Gallery,

Urška Lončar: Castles in fine art

Urška Lončar (b. 1995) is with this first solo art exhibition at the start of her career as a fine artist. She finished her studies of Conservation and Restoration of Artwork and Cultural Heritage at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana in 2019. During her studies, she focused on architectural conservation and wanted to continue deepening her focus on preserving castles and old buildings at the Master's study programme in Scotland, where she was excepted. However, after graduation, while spending some time in Australia, she met a few Australian award-winning fine artists and spending time with them encouraged her to further explore and evolve her own artistic potential.

As a result of her passion for raising awareness for the importance of preserving castle heritage, she decided that even in her own creative practice she wanted to stay focused on castles. Therefore, the idea for her first collection of oil paintings called ‘The 12 Slovenian Castles’ came very naturally to her. She chose twelve of the most famous Slovenian castles, started exploring their history and gathering all the photographic material she could find. In collaboration with various Slovenian photographers, each castle painting was created based on one or more different photographs which she later combined.

Castles, presented in this collection are: castle Kostel, castle Snežnik, Kamen castle, castle Otočec, Ptuj castle, Predjama castle, Celje castle, Bled castle, Ljubljana castle, Žovnek castle, Velenje castle and Bogenšperk castle.

The castles were created over the last couple of years in the order as they are written and they also show Urška’s creative style evolving while exploring different approaches. Although she continues to explore various artistic styles, she wanted this collection to be realistic, portraying castles so that the public could easily recognize them, but with a sense of romanticism by adding mist in those morning scenes.
Please note that an entrance fee to the castle is required to be paid.

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