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Gallery STOLP, Melita Vovk gallery, Bled Congress Center,

Ejti Štih, panting exhibition

In July and August, the STOLP Gallery hosts Ejti Štih and her cycle The Hen Genus (Kokošji rod).

Ejti Štih was born in Slovenija, on 25th November 1957. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. Since 1982  she has been living and working in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Throughout her artistic career, she has been involved in painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphics and installation, and has also illustrated books, designed numerous posters, costumes and scenes for fifty theatrical productions, as well as costumes for the carnival. In forty years of artistic endeavours, Ejti has held more than sevensixty independent exhibitions in Slovenia, Bolivia, Italy, France, Spain, the USA, Panama, Belgium, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Germany, Peru, Brazil, Portugal and the Netherlands. She has also participated in many group exhibitions and international biennials. Her works are in private and public collections around the world. Since 2005 Ejti Štih has been the director of culture, co-founder and volunteer director of the Manzana 1 Espacio de Arte art gallery in Santa Cruz, in Bolivia.

Documentary film about Ejti Šti, by Gregor Bajt

Gregor Bajt's documentary about the painter Ejti Štih was created in 2018 at the premiere opening of the ROJO Y ORO exhibition in the Manzana gallery in the painter's Bolivian home of Santa Cruz. The film reveals the background of the artist Ejti Štih while depicting the current topic - the right to abortion. In some parts of the world, battles are being fought successfully, women are securing ownership over their bodies and the freedom to decide how to treat them. Elsewhere, we are witnessing the repeal of almost fifty-year-old laws that once enabled women to have this right - the case of the USA and the ruling of the Supreme Court on June 24, 2022.

The documentary film can be viewed throughout the exhibition in the lobby of the Bled Festival Hall in Slovenian language.
Bled Congress Center, TUE–SUN, 2pm–6pm
Gallery STOLP, Bled castle, MON–SUN, 8am–8pmMelita Vovk gallery, TUE–SUN, 4pm–8pm

Please note that an entrance fee to Bled castle is required to be paid.

Exhibition sales program by location

Ejti Štih catalog, 7 EUR
Ejti Štih souvenir pen, 2 EUR
Small reproduction, 5 EUR
Medium reproduction, 10 EUR
Large reproduction, 25 EUR
The book Ejti Štih: Slike in zgodbe, EUR 29.99 (in Slovenian language)
The book Saša Pavček: Rumi in kapitan with illustrations by Ejti Štih, EUR 25.95 (in Slovenian language)
Memorial pen Melita VOVK, 2 EUR
Book set Melita VOVK personally, 42 EUR (in Slovenian language)
Melita Vovk coloring page, 1 EUR
Birostroj book marker, 1 EUR

Ejti Štih catalog, 7 EUR

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