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Živa Agrež, Metamorphosis of an Olive Tree, painting exhibition

After pursuing her degree in Comparative Literature and Art History, Živa Agrež worked as a journalist at Radio Ljubljana, newspaper Delo and magazine Jana. After retirement in 2004 she has devoted herself to painting. On her creative path, Živa Agrež was supported by painters mag. Nuša Lapajne in dr. Slađana Mitrović (from the »Likovni atelje« School of Drawing and Painting). She also participates in others workshops and courses and has had the opportunity to learn from master painters such as Janez Zalaznik, Tone Racki and Miran Eric. 

Živa’s favourite painting technique is acrylic on canvas, but she is no stranger to other materials. The main technique is paint deployed with painting knifes. Her pictures are full of colour, light, optimism and joy, energy, freedom and emotions. Toskanska oljka, 2020, 70x100cm mešana tehnika | Tuscan olive tree, 2020, 70x100cm mixed media Živa often chooses to make a stylized representation of scene, since stylization suits her quick brush strokes. Her paintings are dominated by the energy of strokes and multiple layers of paint, intensifying the effect to the point of appearing relief-like. Although the themes of her paintings are easily identifiable and also presented with the corresponding titles, they are distinguished from their real-life images by the energetic display of colour and dramatic light originating from author’s personal experience. 

When asked about her painting, Živa Agrež says: “When I paint, I recreate my experience! Creation is an obsession of mine. Obsession with the theme, colours, atmosphere, light, and of course, with the subject of my admiration.” 

Till the end of year 2021 she has painted eleven paintings portfolios in acryl and mixed technique: From River Krka (2010 to 2014), Light and Colour of Tuscany (2011 to 2015), Istria – Remains of Time (2014, 2015), Stories of the Waves (2014, 2015), Rhapsody in White (2016, 2017), Charm of Provence (2017, 2018), Under the Mediterranean Sun (2017, 2018), Dolomites – the City of Castles (2019), Metamorphosis of an Olive Tree – the Tree of Peace (2020) and Compliment to Soca River (2021). 

In galleries, libraries and cultural homes across Slovenia she had around hundred independent exhibitions.
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