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RTMonth at Bled castle

There are never enough words of love, never enough expressions of devotion. Let it be among lovers, parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, among friends. So why not dedicate a special month to sincerely saying I love you ("rad-a te imam-RTM" in Slovenian) before May, the month of love? Let's say from February 10 to March 12, when the birds get married on St. Gregory's day?

"RTMonth" at Bled Castle will be a time for everyone who loves and would like to make a special note of it. Capture the spirit of sincere love and devotion on photos. Under lapidarium, on the upper terrace, a special photo spot will be arranged for you, where you can say housand beautiful words and record the moment.

Decorate the Tree of Love and win a prize!

During the RTMonth, we have also prepared a special reward activity for you. When you buy a ticket to Bled Castle, you receive a tree leaf with which you symbolically green the Tree of Love under the lapidarium and help to summon Spring. With a bit of luck, you can win a professional spring photoshoot at Bled Castle!
An entrance fee is required to enter the castle.

Visit us

To visit Bled Castle, please look us up and select your preferred type of visit. You can plan the entire visit ahead, and feel free to use the audio guide to learn more about the castle.