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Gallery STOLP,

Bogdan Barovič: Images of life, painting exhibition

"I have lived a full life. With the family . . . . A lot past it, without it. There is no other way. To create is to sacrifice, . . . . . dearest, most loved ones. If they forgive you, it's no different. The victims of your actions are. But my actions were for Trbovlje, the country and . . . . myself.

I have walked my life in pictures. I painted words with colour and expressiveness. Painting is not a photo . . . . . . is the expression of emotions. Whether you want to understand them or not. I understand. I have given more to society than to my family. I know that and I feel bad about it. Society takes and throws away. The family preserves and values . . . . .

Seeing my exhibition is an understanding and an apology to family and friends for my work . . . . And it offers you to accept and approve them. Or you condemn them, as I have condemned my own actions in my paintings.

I offer images of life. Mine. Find yours in them too. Images of life and repentance and joy and love and youth and happiness and . . . . You will have the final say."

Bogdan Barovič, Images of life
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