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.abeceda Contemporary Music Festival

From June 26 to June 30, the second edition of the .abeceda Contemporary Music Festival will take place at Bled Castle and the Festival Hall in Bled. Organized by the .abeceda Institute, each evening will feature two concert events.

The first concerts will be dedicated to younger generation musicians who have been continuously developing their artistic expression within various .abeceda programs such as Young Researchers VI, FORUM III, Studio 8.1, and .infra _ Development Center. On Friday, the concert will showcase selected compositions from participants of the percept.concept.percept VII composition workshop.

The second concert of each day will feature performances by the .abeceda [new music ensemble], presenting works by this year's resident and guest composers. Many of these compositions have been specifically written for this occasion, and all of them will be premiered in Slovenia. Each concert evening will be introduced by a pre-concert talk, providing additional information about the program and its creators to experienced listeners and facilitating an initial connection for those who may be encountering contemporary music for the first time.

The festival program is complemented by a workshop [residency] and a series of morning concerts for preschool children. The five-day project  [residency] will bring together artists from different fields who, under the guidance of a selected curator, will develop various art forms and eventually present a performance, installation, or intervention. The morning concert series will introduce children to classical and contemporary music. Through listening to music, storytelling, and active participation, they will learn about different musical instruments, the process of creating new music, and the three fundamental roles: performer (musician), composer, and conductor.

The festival is organised in cooperation with the Bled Culture Institute and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.
Concert ticket: 15 EUR
Festival ticket castle (26-27 June): 20 EUR
Festival ticket FD (28-30 June): 30 EUR
Concert for children: free - collect your ticket

The ticket is valid for the entire programme on the day at the venue (except in the case of free tickets for the children's concerts, which are valid only for the event in question). Entry to the Bled castle is possible 45 minutes before the start of the first event.

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