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Bled Castle,

OPENING of the exhibition »Comm-Unity«

The Comm-Unity exhibition is the ninth chapter in a series of independent exhibitions conducted by academic painter Nuša Smolič as part of her project in the past year. The exhibitions take place at various locations, each bringing its own unique concept.
Comm-Unity represents a space where philosophy and psychology intertwine, co-creating a unique mosaic of human experience. The exhibition showcases a series of portraits with various techniques, each of which fosters a complex dialogue between the viewer and the artwork, transcending mere observation and involving both emotions and reason.

The portraits in the exhibition are not mere reproductions of faces but subtle reflections of inner worlds. Through the expressiveness of the eyes, facial expressions, and body postures, each portrait conveys a message about human interconnectedness.

The word derivative "Comm" in the context of the exhibition goes beyond just an invitation to view; it is an invitation to something higher – to personal reflection and simultaneous interaction with others, to meeting in unity. In this union, in this "Unity," lies an extraordinary power that connects us into a unified humanity and illuminates our common path.

The philosophy of the exhibition transcends surface-level observation of visual material. It is a journey through the inner labyrinth of each individual, where dreams, struggles, victories, and wounds are revealed. Each portrait offers us insight into the intimacy of the human soul, into its longing for connection and understanding. Comm-Unity encourages us to transcend the limitations of our own ego and delve into mutual sharing, acceptance, and love.

Thus, the Comm-Unity exhibition unfolds as a mirror of our own being, reflecting both the individual and our collective journey. In the embrace of the exhibition, we can feel the significance of belonging to something greater, the importance of being aware that we are part of a collective that accepts and illuminates us on our life path.
Exhibition Comm-Unity will take place at Stolp Gallery between 5th and 30th June.

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