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Sunday, 10th October 2021, Printing works' facade on the lower terrace

Primož Trubar Memorial Plague

The memorial plaque dedicated to Primož Trubar was unveiled on the facade of the printing house on the lower terrace of the castle.

One of the tenants of the castle in the past was also the hero of the battles against the Turks, Herbard III, Auersperg (Turjak). During its lease period, the castle was a stronghold of Protestantism. In June 1561 the castle was also visited by the Slovenian Protestant leader and reformer Primož Trubar (Primus Truber). He was the founder of the Slovene written language and author of the first two books in the Slovene language, the Catechism and the Abecedarium. The two books were printed on the old Gutenberg printing press in Tübingen in 1550.

It is thanks to his visit that there is a print shop in the castle, where you can see a demonstration of the printing process on the replica of Gutenberg's printing press and, with the help of the master printer, print a memorial certificate.

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