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Code of conduct

On your visit to this cultural monument, Bled Castle, please be respectful of other visitors, contents and staff at all times.

Drones and commercial photography

The use of drones is not allowed in the area of Bled Castle. Photography and video for commercial use by third parties is not permitted without prior arrangement. 


Pets are welcome at Bled Castle but they need to be kept on a leash. Pets are not allowed inside the closed spaces of the castle. 


Please do not touch the exhibits. Act responsibly and show your consideration of others who share this space with you. Keep your voice and music soft to make the experience pleasant for all. 

Concerts and events

When visiting Bled Castle during a concert or another event, please mute your devices. Keep quiet during the concert. At a classical music concert, do not tap your fingers or hum the tune, but feel free to join in a modern music event, particularly if encouraged by the performers. Sign and clap along! We also advise adult discretion in bringing small children to classical music concerts, complex culture performances or late evening events.

In theatre shows, applause is given at the end of the performance. Out of respect for the performers, be moderate in your expression of approval or disapproval.

Lost & Found

If you have lost an item, you can collect them at the castle’s ticket office, within one month from the date of your visit. The castle assumes no responsibility for the lost and found items. 

Medical care

If you need medical assistance, please contact to the nearest staff member of Bled Castle and call the medical emergency service. An AED is placed on the upper courtyard, on the wall between the museum and the restaurant.

Visit us

To visit Bled Castle, please look us up and select your preferred type of visit. You can plan the entire visit ahead, and feel free to use the audio guide to learn more about the castle.